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[UFS 912] PKT Enigma2 Nibiru Image
« on: March 06, 2011, 12:03:54 AM »
[UFS 912] PKT Enigma2 Nibiru Image

Enigma2 OpenSource SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-1918 PKT mod SVN-689 Nibiru Image

Імідж призначений для встановлення у флеш-память
Перед встановлення необхідно обоязково оновити updatescript

Додано командою sh4 Duckbox Team:

- new player3 179
- [libeplayer3] fix blocking at end of file
- [eplayer3] add mapping for ff and fr
- [libeplayer3] fix fast reverse begin of file
- [libeplayer3] fix audio output with fast reverse
- [libeplayer3] fix .srt subtitle, seg fault if subtitle line is empty
- [libeplayer3] fix reverse
- [libeplayer3] change fast reverse to show the first frame on bof
- [libeplayer3] fix fast reverse loops
- [libeplayer3] fix .srt subtitle

Додано командою PKT:
- add support for FTDI & PL2303 in BP Menu
- add EPG saving
- add CrossEPG 0.6.1 (default off; Enable/Disable in BP->Settings->CrossEPG; main CrossEPG setup Menu->Setup->CrossEPG)
- update WIFI driver RT3070 & RT2870
- add RT73 WIFI support (test only - propably not work)
- update DVDPlayer
- add record & timeshift patch @ Main Menu->Setup
- update InfocenterPKT
- update PKT Emu Manager v1.02
- update PKT Skin Setup
- add VidBrowser to MediaCenter
- update all PKT Skins
- add PKT ChannelControl (new tool to adjust volume separately on selected channel)
- add PKT_KeyMapper (new tool to mapping Color buttons):
default keys definition:
 *short key_red=Radio
 *short key_green=Aspect Ratio
 *short key_yellow=Audio Selection
 *short key_blue=Blue Panel
Відомі проблеми:
- SCART не працює

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[UFS 912] PKT Enigma2 Nibiru Image
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2011, 11:10:21 PM »
PKT UFS912 Enigma2 Nibiru V2 Image

 Enigma2 OpenSource SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-1973 PKT mod SVN-760 Nibiru V2 Image

Імідж призначений для встановлення у флеш-память

Додано командою sh4 Duckbox Team:
- fix player CCFLAGSY position
- add ifo support
- [libeplayer3] fix xvid videostream in mp4
- [libeplayer3] hopefully fixed zdf streaming problem without destroying playback of other h264 files
- fix was_timer_wakeup

Додано командою PKT:

[ALL] PKT channel control fix
[ALL] add smooth infobar in PKT Skin Setup
[ALL] fix memory check
[ALL] channel list update
[ALL] Infocenter fix
[ALL] set EN as default Menu language
[ALL] picon update
[ALL] update DreamEplorer v6.9
[ALL] update DMnapi v1.3.19
[ALL] add new allienHD
[ALL] gbox start fix
[ALL] DTS Downmix Support
[ALL] new PKT MediaCenter
[ufs910, SF1018] cifs, ntfs fix
[UFS910] set standby as default power action
[UFS912] add 1080p
[UFS912] SWAP fix
[UFS912] add MyTube

Відомі проблеми:

[UFS912] скарт мабуть таки не працює
[ALL] PIG(Picture In Graphic) used in PKT Gold & Silver skins can hang tuner if display format is 4:3
[UFS910, SF1018] CI module probably not work property

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