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CrossEPG - плагин для загрузки и создания EPG

SIFTeam CrossEPG is a lightweight and portable epg for enigma2 dvb receivers (sat, cable and dtt). (c) 2009-2010 Sandro Cavazzoni

If you want support crossepg development please make a donation
Generic features:

    * A lightweight epg db
    * Protocol supported (by sat): OpenTV
    * Protocol supported (by file): CSV, XMLTV (also gzip compressed), XEPGDB
    * Scriptable with python
    * HTTP data retrieve (for import)
    * Integration with internal receiver epg
    * Open source (GPLv2 license)
    * Create a compatibile epg.dat
    * Configuration panel
    * Downloader plugin
    * Importer plugin
    * Automatic script execution before import process
    * Automatic daily EPG download
    * Delay daily download if exist a record in progress
    * Automatic EPG download on channel tune
    * Python libraries for developers
    * Automatic load data after a download without a reboot (a patch is required)
    * Automatic reboot enigma2 if no patch exist
    * Support for CrossEPG ENIGMA2 v2 patch
    * Support for simple epgcache.load() patch
    * Support for EDG NEMESIS patch
    * Support for Oudeis patch
    * Internationalization (italian translation by Spaeleus)

Default providers:

    * Ausat OpenTV (Optusc1 on 156.0)
    * Sky Italia OpenTV (Hotbird on 13.0)
    * Sky Uk OpenTV (Astra2 on 28.2)
    * Sky Uk OpenTV (Astra2 on 28.4)
    * Ambrosa RAI Script
    * Rytec Benelux XMLTV
    * Rytec Bulgaria XMLTV
    * Rytec Denmark XMLTV
    * Rytec Erotic XMLTV
    * Rytec Finland XMLTV
    * Rytec France XMLTV
    * Rytec Germany/Austria/Swiss XMLTV
    * Rytec Greece (in english) XMLTV
    * Rytec Greece XMLTV
    * Rytec Hungary XMLTV
    * Rytec Italy XMLTV
    * Rytec Norway XMLTV
    * Rytec Osn/Jsc XMLTV
    * Rytec Poland XMLTV
    * Rytec Portugal XMLTV
    * Rytec Serbia/Croatia/Montenegro XMLTV
    * Rytec Slovack/Czech XMLTV
    * Rytec Slovenia XMLTV
    * Rytec Spain XMLTV
    * Rytec Sweden XMLTV
    * Rytec Uk XMLTV
    * Rytec Upc Direct XMLTV
    * Rytec Za/Multichoice/Dstv/Osn XMLTV
    * Linuxsat ExUSSR XMLTV
    * Krkadoni ExYu XMLTV
    * Krkadoni Bulsatcom XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni Csat XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni Dplus XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni ExYu XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni Meo/Zon XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni Multichoice XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni NL/BE XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni Nordic XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni Nova XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni Osn XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni Poland XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni SkyDE XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni SkyIT XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni SkyLink XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni SkyUK XEPGDB
    * Krkadoni Upc XEPGDB

Application credits:

    * Sandro Cavazzoni aka skaman (main developer)
    * Ambrosa (scripts developer)
    * Spaeleus (italian translations)
    * Bodyan (ukrainian translations)

Sources credits:

    * Rytec (xmltv providers for many countries)
    * Krkadoni (xmltv provider for Ex Yugoslavia and various xepgdb sources maintainer)
    * Bodyan and dillinger (xmltv provider for ex USSR channels)

About CrossEPG ENIGMA2 patch v2

    * The patch add an API crossepgImportEPG(string dbroot) visible on python side.
    * The fix on sectionRead is the same used from oudeis patch and i think is deeply tested.
    * I used oudeis patch as an example to make my patch working... so to oudeis his credits :)


    * mp2csv by met67 (download mediaset premium epg from internet)

Спасибо bobafet за скриншоты.

PS. На имиджах с CrossEPG или Oudeis патчами (iCVS, PLI) ЕПГ появится сразу, без перезагрузки Енигмы, на остальных обязательно в /usr/bin/ перед строкой

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ /usr/bin/enigma2



и сделать рестарт GUI.

Ссылки по теме:

Обсуждение плагина CrossEPG
Сбор информации о каналах на которых нет EPG

Телепрограмма для ExUSSR каналов обновляется каждый понедельник в 18:00 по киевскому времени.
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CrossEPG - плагин для загрузки и создания EPG
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2011, 08:05:15 PM »
r195 Added "providers start order" menu
r194 new RAI script using new logging facility
r193 new logging_class adapted to new logging system
r192 bugfix TYPE RUNNING CSCRIPT command
r191 Removed "truncate" argument in log_open api
r190 Removed useless fseek in log_open (thanks to ambrosa)
r189 Added parsing of "TYPE RUNNING CSCRIPT" and "LOGTEXT"
r188 Changed log_open api Added default log on file in db_root/crossepg.log Deleted useless otv_scanner tool Changed copyright year
r187 Fixed bad length in CLOSE cmd
r186 Fixed bug on last commit
r185 Added downloader log in /tmp/crossepg.log
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CrossEPG - плагин для загрузки и создания EPG
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2011, 01:39:44 AM »

r196 fix missed truncate crossepg.log if called from ExtensionMenu
r202 Completed code cleaning after dgs removal
r201 Removed dgs code (dgs platform was not supported from many time)
r200 Updated rytec providers (added West-Africa/Csat Horizons and Romania)
r213 Removing 'dbroot' while calling logging_class and crossepg_db_class
r205 Change scripts to new library
r204 Changed name scripts/lib/ to and changed
r203 Added complete support for all ISO-8859-? encoding in xmltv import
r221 Added jump to setup screen the first time on menu start
        Added "internal flash" entry in device list
        Added an important warning message if you use the internal flash
r222 Added check "if configured" in downloader plugin/extension
r223 Disabled automatic downloads enabled by default
r224 Increased version to 0.6.1
r226 Update for italian translation
        Update for CrossEPG.pot
r232 Update to new QboxHD and MINI filesystem , including show new image during installation
r233 added new functions
r234 Small bugfix
r235 Alias script now working fine
r237 bugfix
r238 add alias script to Makefile
r239 disabled RAI script channels downloaded with OpenTV SkyIT
r240 Added script MEDIAPREM (Mediaset Premium)
r241 bugfix in Makefile
r242 MEDIAPREM_script (MEDIAPREM script: how it works) Wiki page added
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CrossEPG - плагин для загрузки и создания EPG
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2011, 04:59:42 PM »

r277 (Another little update for italian translation and .pot file)
r276 - (Added defaults xepgdb providers)
r275 - (Added xepgdb providers update function)
r274 - (Removed krkadoni xepgdb providers)
r273 - (Fixed bad type in epgdb (x64 compatibility))
r272 - (Added package revision (r0 as default) in package version (o...)
r271 - (Removed "oe1.6" label in package name)
r270 - (Added devilcosta nova greek and english xmltv providers)
r268 - Fixed load epg.dat broken in svn 256 (thanks to neoen)
r267 - Added polish translation (thanks to kosmacz)
r266 - Changed crossepg license from GPL v2 to LGPL v2.1
r265 - Added crossepg shared object and example for c application as alternative of python script
r264 - Updated krkadoni exyu and linuxsat exussr providers
r263 - Update for italian translation - Update for .pot file
r262 - Fix for last commit
r261 - Added script ""
r260 - [No log message]
r259 - Updated version number to 0.6.2
r258 - Added russian translation (thanks to ku4a)
r257 - Updated uk translation
r256 - Added setup option for show "crossepg force reload" as plugin
r255 - Updated rytec providers
r254 - Added zipfile module from python2.6
r253 - Completed support for rytec backup servers
r252 - Small fix on rytec update tool
r251 - Added automatically rytec providers update (with support for backup servers) - NOT YET COMPLETED
r250 - Edited wiki page Installation through web user interface.
r249 - Edited wiki page Installation through web user interface.
r248 - Edited wiki page Installation through web user interface.
r247 - Added support for enigma2_pre_start script (doesn't need manual fix to anymore)
r246 - Small fix in
r245 - Added enigma2 epg.dat load/save from crossepg db root (work with enigma2 20101107 or greater)
r244 - Update for italian translation - Update for .pot file
r243 - Added rw check on storage device. If it's read only doesn't appear in setup. More explanation if the device doesn't appear in list
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r303 (Added Linuxsat ExUSSR XMLTV (events in ukrainian language))
r302 (Added Linuxsat ExUSSR XMLTV (events in russian language))

В этой версии ЕПГ на украинских каналах теперь доступно в 2-х вариантах - на украинском и на русском языках.

Рекомендую удалить предыдущую версию:

cd /
ipkg remove enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-crossepg-oe1.6

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