Author Topic: Имиджи LT Fifth для DM 800  (Read 4469 times)

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Имиджи LT Fifth для DM 800
« on: November 15, 2008, 02:03:43 PM »
LT Fifth with SP4

here we have a new SP for the LT - The fifth Campaign image.

Enigma2: 20081107
LT-SVN: Rev.1940
Drivers DM800: 20081003
Drivers DM8025: 20081001

-TimerView plugin

-Added bouquet handling to AutoCamd and AutoCamd-Configurator
-FLAC support added
-MKV should now work from start, dont think drivers support 1080p but 720p works (DM800)

Changes MediaCenter:
-New config (transcode avi: yes/no)
-Error handling for unsupported video stream types (from CVS)

Changes EPG-Grabber:
-Discovery HD 1W has changed ID so updated in EPG XML file
-Some new and some update xml for EPG grabber

Changes Sat.xml-Generator:
-Added support for two links in one sat-config-line (for example: Astra 1C/Sirius 2,3,4 (5.0E)|1|50|pos-4.8E.php,pos-5.0E.php)
-Changed script to use data from kingofsat instead of lyngsat... untill now my auto-scan is working nice with the config: 28.2E, 23.5E, 19.2E & 13.0E

1.1м-5E+13E+19Е+4W+5W/0,9m-1W+9E/0,9m-85E/0,9m-36E+39E/ VU+(Duo2 & Duo & Solo)

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LT Fifth with SP6 for DM 800
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2009, 08:16:05 PM »
Вышел 6й сервис пак

Written by Ali   
Thursday, 05 March 2009

Hey LT fans,

now it's time for our last service pack for the image LT The fifth Campaign.


General note:
Barry Allen is a great tool for the experienced Dreambox user but it is also the source of much problem for the inexperienced Dreambox user.
LT Team has only tested the image in flash and if you are using Barry Allen and have some problems then install the image in flash. If the
error is still exist after installing the image in flash then send us the crashlog which is created on harddisc.

No error reports will be read if image is used with Barry Allen!

Barry Allen & LT:
This usual problem with using BA is that the drivers & kernel are usually loaded from the image in flash. This means that if you do not have the same drivers in a flash image as the one you are booting using BA you will end up in a non-tested (and non-supported) configuration.
Also, the LT image has tweaked the early boot process and this might be effected by using a tool such as BA.
However, the Barry Allen is a great tool and if it works for you we are very happy!

The image is now pushing the hardware to the limits (and little beyond) so to make all functions to work as intended you have to install
a Compact Flash so you can create a swapfile on it. We have notice several issues which a swapfile will solve.
Also before installing the image if you are upgrading please remove the epg_external.dat if you are using LTEPG and activate swap as first
thin you do after installing the image.

We also recommend that you on dm800/8000 insert a USB Stick in lower slot and creates a swapfile for the Dreambox.

If you follow the notes above you will be just as us, a happy Dreambox owner.


LT rev 2264
Enigma2 20090226
dm7025 20090206
dm800 20090207
dm8000 20090207

dm7025 61
dm800 70-r1
dm8000 71-r1

New converter LTOnlineChecker (checks the internet connection all 5 minutes)
EPG Search (callable from the LT EPG)
Translator converter for fixed texts
Added new configs convert picon names from 0.9W to 0.8W (yes/no), convert picon names from 1.0W to 0.8W (yes/no), convert picon names from 5.0E to 4.8E (yes/no), convert picon names from 28.4E to 28.2E (yes/no)

Font-name and the font-size can be given from the skin.xml for LTEPG (servicename and event-name)
Translate date strings (Converter LTClockToText)
Added uk translation. Thx to bodyan
Added VideoSize and IsHD convert-types to LTServiceToText converter
Updated lt-locale. Thx to Adga
Updated de-locale
Added LTPVRState and LTTimeShiftState again
FIX position/size RecordState in LCD/OLED
Check calendar events in the background all 5 minutes instead of everytime when showing the infobar
New config... EPG type (long-holding Info-button): Multi EPG / LT EPG, Graphical Multi EPG, IMDB or Choice Box
New config for LTEPG: show servicename, picon or HD-version (servicename and picon)
Added CF to fstab in dm8000 image (/dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun1/part1 /media/cf auto defaults 0 0)
Load normal png-size after e2 couldn't resize png in LT EPG

Changes EPG-Grabber:
Moved more code to "" (get_cached_content and some helpers)
Changed date for cached files (YY-MM-DD) in all grabbers
New class "cdata" in used in the new grabber html_hallandsposten
Only load the module/sub you need in all grabbers
Cache in all grabbers except radiotimes
xmltv - use cElementTree instead of minidom
New nordic_drdk.xml (no) -> (od) bugfix
New nordic_hallandsposten.xml
Changed SVT2 Värmlandsnytt ID since service has moved
Added missing TV4 Värmlandsnytt Terrestrial
Replaced all TSID's from 0x0010 to 0x02c on SVT1 & SVT2 (SVT no longer transmits on TSID 0c0010)
Updated so all local SVT1 & SVT2 gets updated

Changes MediaCenter:
Stop playing movie after pressing STOP-button in Media-Center - Movie-Player, not only TV-button
Added support to MediaCenter
Added ORF IPTV to StreamPlayer+
Added ORF onDemand to StreamPlayer+
Added Subtitle-Selection support (TEXT-button)

Changes GlassLine.II skins:
Added all wizard screens
Added DVD player screen
Removed :SS in full InfoBar
Added LTEPG search screen
Some small fixes in network
Added Main menu DVD icon
Software skin added
Small tweaks of the infobar icons


Have fun,
your LT-Team
Last Updated ( Thursday, 05 March 2009 )

 1.2M мотор GI-120-HH-120 5W - 90Е

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Имиджи LT Fifth для DM 800
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2009, 11:00:22 PM »
Самый финальный релиз  <??>

Written by ltteam   
Thursday, 28 May 2009

LT Fifth SP7 - Very Final Edition...

So you thought that SP6 was end of the line for LT Fifth...

DMM has been very productive and released so many updates to their boxes and we have been lazy and worked with our real work/life and not produced any LT Sixth yet. We just could not resist make a new improved LT Fifth for all you users.

Special attention:
First, as always we are afraid that Barry Allen will not work since we always only test the image in flash. This time special for dm8000 we really really press this point since the new secondstage is dependant on other packages in the image to work properly. If you fail to meet thoose dependencies you will fail to boot!

Second, dm7025 is pushed beyond it's hardware so you must have a swapfile on CF (we do not recommend USB Stick on dm7025 due to USB not working 100% correct) otherwise the image will not work correct. You might want to ensure that EPG data is stored in CF so you don't fill your flash with the data.

Enigma2 20090528

dm7025 20090331
dm800 20090430
dm8000 20090520

dm7025 61
dm800 72
dm8000 73

Скачать на 800
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Имиджи LT Fifth для DM 800
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2009, 01:17:09 PM »
LT-Fifth-SP8-image-dm800/8000 26.07.2009


Sunday, 26 July 2009

LT Fifth - Another Edition

Yes, we still been busy and not finished LT6 image but DMM has been productive and developed lots of things so we thought that we at least could do a little upgrade on LT5 for all of you users.

For LT part we have only followed some changes from Enigma2 into our LT code and restored our default settings which we managed to remove somehow...

Otherwise this image has followed all changes in Enigma2 and OE done by DMM.

Enigma2 20090724

dm7025 20090717
dm800 20090720
dm8000 20090720
dm7025 61
dm800 73
dm8000 73

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Имиджи LT Fifth для DM 800
« Reply #4 on: July 30, 2009, 10:10:28 PM »
Written by ltteam   
Monday, 27 July 2009

We quickly was informed that LT5 SP8 contained some bugs, not all things from OE 1.6 is good to port down into OE 1.5 . So here is SP8b which should resolve thoose bugs.
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