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DVD Controller Plugin
« on: October 13, 2009, 04:25:36 PM »
DVD Controller Plugin


After (using the DVD and DVD eject speed plugin only two C programs as separate binaries which is really unnecessary) I stop reconstructed the corresponding functionality as a plug-in Python, so it should go into each image, and the DVD set speed during startup does enigma2 will have fun without worrying about having to bootup the images. And for the rare cases where the speed is lost, you can adjust the plugin also the speed of every few minutes is re-losed.

And the maximum speed is used in the plugin also configurable (Seddi 2 as the default, if your drive is quiet you can also use more)

Furthermore, it can then also to other nice ioctl commands extend the CD / DVD drive his veins.

Please test and reports that the plugin is really self-explanatory anyway.

And I hope when you see how easy it really is that views the appropriate ioctl found in the various DVD / Media player / media center entrance - because then you have the plugin soon Maybe not any more!

PS: And even those who can picon verhübschen :-)

PPS: And yes in 7020, he boxes, DVD players and enigma2 image, it should also work, but you must adjust path where the DVD player (at the beginning of - if anyone does it by hand and then tested and reported I can also still like to install it will be recognized. Otherwise, the plugin is designed primarily to halt the 8000s, but it should go with 800 and USB DVD player or even at a 7025 where you're sort of DVD has drangemacht.

PPS: And thank you to Seddi for the C code donation, the donor was the trigger and info for the plugin.

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