Author Topic: TechniSat SkyStar USB как внешний тюнер на DM800 HD  (Read 4048 times)

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Описание по установке:

1.) get dm800-b2c2.tar.gz, check my posting on page 3 of this thread.
2.) copy it to /tmp on your DM800, and extract using "tar -xzf dm800-b2c2.tar.gz"
3.) execute ./ to load the kernel module
4.) If you have connected this USB tuner, you should have a new directory /dev/dvb/adapter1 now
5.) donwload and extract in /tmp
6.) execute ./usbtuner (maybe you need to execute "chmod a+x usbtuner" befor)
7.) restart enigma, but do not reboot you box!
8.) If you check you system settings, enigma should list two tuner now
9.) configure the new tuner as appropriate, most likely the same settings as the first

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