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H264TS Cutter
« on: June 21, 2009, 02:37:59 PM »
H264TS Cutter


Cut (IDR-Frames) and
Merge AVC / H264-Transportstreams
PTS / DTS / PCR recalculation
synchronize Audio/Video delay on cut points
supports multiple audio tracks
IDR-Frame automatic detection
Cut point preview
Transportstreams with multiple services are supported, use the pid-filter and deselect the PIDs of the other services
Split function for output file

System requirement:

.Net 2.0 Framework
DirectX 9.c (August 2007 Release)
AVC / H264 DirectShow Decoder
TS-Splitter (Haali Media Splitter is recommended)

Version 111:
 New Features:
 -M2TS as input file supported (h264 codec only)
 -TRP/REC 2 TS converter (use 'Tools' -> 'Convert TRP/REC -> TS').
  TRP files are for example used by Clarke-Tech HD 5000-C or Kathrein UFS910 and may be from other PVRs.
  REC file are used by Topfield Receiver
  This feature is not perfect yet because some media player (e.g. mplayer) detect the h264 stream as mpeg2 but for the most players it works fine (mpc, vlc, ...)
 -improved "drop usless freames"
 Fixed items:
 -more HD channels are supported (e.g. HD Suisse, SVTHD, Digit ALB HD)
  use 'Setting' -> 'Advanced' -> set In to 'I-Frame' or 'All-Frame' and Output frame type to 'All-Frame'
 -(Vista) 64 bit problem fixed: the cutter should work on 64 bits systems, too

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